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Mack Weldon
The Loyalty Program

Weldon Blue

Weldon Blue is our loyalty program. It’s full of insider perks, savings, and bragging rights. To become a member of Weldon Blue, create an account and place your first order.

How It Works

Level One

Becoming a Level One member is as easy as placing one order. After that, you’ll never pay for shipping again.


Level Two

Once your total spending hits $200 or more, you'll enjoy Level Two perks. In addition to free shipping, you’ll receive 20% off every order for a whole year.

Mack Weldon

Frequently Asked Questions

• How is my status determined? •
After placing your first order, you’ll become a Level One member in Weldon Blue indefinitely. Once you spend a total of $200 in your membership year, you’ll unlock Level Two status that lasts for a whole year. To keep your Level Two status for another year—just spend $100 before your 365 days are up.

• When does my membership year start? •
Your membership year starts every time you enter a new loyalty level and lasts for 365 days.

• What happens when I return items? •
If items are returned, your status will adjust to reflect the returns you’ve made. Exchanges will not affect your status.

• What doesn’t count towards my Weldon Blue status? •
Any gift cards or promotional discounts applied to an order total, sales tax, and shipping costs do not count towards your programs status.

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