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Man in a gym locker room wearing AIRKNITx Boxer Briefs

Why You Need AIRKNITx Breathable Underwear

Mack Weldon makes the internet's freshest underwear collection.

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Designed with every detail in mind.

Supportive flyless pouch

Moisture-wicking & odor-fighting

Targeting cool zones

No roll waistband

Stay-put legs

AIRKNITx Fabric close up
AIRKNITx Fabric close up

Built to keep you dry, fresh, and comfortable, to the end of your workout or workday

Our soft, lightweight microfiber maximizes airflow and stretches in every direction. It’s topped off with a moisture-wicking, odor-fighting finish to keep you dry and fresh to the end of the day.

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"When I was first considering these I read a review from someone who said he was going to replace all of his old underwear with AIRKNITS. I thought it was a little bit ridiculous. Now I think I will eventually do the same over time. I would wear these every day if I had enough of them. They are much more comfortable than everything else."


"My husband will only wear these boxers. He says they keep him from not sweating and the wicking is the best and feels like you are wearing nothing."


“Apparently I have been living my life with the wrong underwear. The fit. The breath-ability. The POUCH. I mean... I'm cool, comfortable, and now supported by more than my overbearing mother. I'm happy to start my new life with Mack Weldon.”


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