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7 Reasons this Underwear is Better than other Underwear

BY ADAM GLASS - 4.27.2021

I’m admittedly obsessed. As I get older, I’ve started appreciating things for their quality. Which led me to this men’s basics company, Mack Weldon. Department store 3-packs, be gone. Here’s why I think you need to join me on this journey.

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1. This underwear solves problems.

Mack Weldon’s underwear doesn’t miss a trick. It’s designed with a waistband that won’t roll over, and legs that stay put without feeling constricting. Better underwear, less complaining about said underwear.

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2. The fabric is seriously soft.

Take 18-Hour Jersey, their most popular fabric. This high-quality cotton blend rests for 18 hours before it’s cut, which is why every pair feels (and looks) a thousand times better than whatever he’s wearing right now.

3. It’s built to keep him cool.

Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? Mack Weldon’s underwear is built with breathable mesh panels where he needs them most, so he sweats less and feels cooler all day (and night). Yes, it’s a small miracle.

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4. They have a Try On Guarantee.

This one’s huge. If he doesn’t love his first pair, Mack Weldon has a Try On Guarantee that promises a full refund with no return required. My boyfriend’s first pair was a little snug, and he was able to size up with zero hassle.

5. Everyone’s obsessed.

Men’s Health has called them the "Best Underwear for Men." GQ, Us Weekly, The New York Times—I’m reading and hearing good things everywhere I turn.

6. They’re here for the long haul.

Guess what? Underwear shouldn’t fall apart and get holes. That’s not something we just have to accept. Instead, you can get higher quality underwear like these that are comfortable, breathable, and supportive.

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So what are you waiting for?