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“You're surrounded by so many talented people, it just forces you to either keep up or stop doing it.”

  • It’s no secret that New York has the best comedy scene in the country. So as a recent college grad, moving here proved a sink-or-swim moment for Adam Mamawala.

  • “I think I got better in my first year of doing stand-up in New York than I had the previous five years,” he recalls. “It’s like you’re getting better through osmosis.” 

  • Like many comics, Mamawala initially worked a series of odd jobs (SAT tutor, tennis instructor) to make ends meet. But a little over a decade ago, he began earning enough to do stand-up full-time. As he’s matured, so too has his comedy.

  • “I’ve always gravitated towards autobiographical stuff, when you feel like you really get a sense of who the person is.”

  • Consequently, Mamawala wears clothes on stage that make him feel like the most authentic version of himself. Most of the time, that means a nice pair of jeans: comfortable, with the right balance of slimness and stretch.

  • “Fundamentally, stand-up comedy is all about confidence, right?” he says. “If you don't feel good in what you're wearing, you're probably not going to be very confident.”


Anti-odor Ionic+® silver
Timeless slim-straight fit
A hint of stretch

A Day in the Life

We went backstage at one of Mamawala’s shows to see how he prepares for a set—and, naturally, stayed for some laughs.


The Leg Up

The Leg Up

Four New Yorkers who are going places—
and the pants designed to take them there.

Four New Yorkers who are going places—and the pants designed to take them there.