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We’re working toward more sustainable products and practices—and for us, sustainability starts with efficiency.

Our Products

We believe in quality. Which is why all our fabrics are about longevity, and go through rigorous testing to ensure durability, wash after wash. The result is a product that embodies our ethos as a brand, and most importantly—lasts. Check out a few featured products that uphold our goals of sustainability and durability below.

Nova Travel Kit
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Our Packaging

We use our packaging to keep your items clean and dry when they’re delivered to your door. Partnering with BDP™️ to create more sustainable packaging has been a way to naturally enhance what occurs over time. Instead of taking centuries to break down in landfills, the process has been reduced to a few years. To learn more about it go to

Our Programs

We teamed up with nonprofit partners to encourage customers to give their old clothes and packaging a second life, and to reduce our carbon footprint.

Simple Clothing Donation

In partnership with Give Back Box, we started a clothing donation program, Give Back, Get Mack. Offered to members of our Weldon Blue loyalty program as an efficient (and free) way to donate their old clothes, keeping them out of landfills - and rewards those customers for doing so.


Carbon Offsetting

We partner with Flexport and, organizations that we’re working with to offset our transit emissions. Our donations go to the Envira Amazonia Project, which reduces carbon dioxide, and conserves the habitat of native species; New Bedford Landfill Gas-to-Energy Project, that converts landfill gas to energy by providing clean energy options; and more.


Make our impact, your impact.