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Mack Weldon


The easy way to clean out your drawers and not feel guilty about letting go: giving your basics a second life and making a positive impact on the earth. We teamed up with Community Recycling to provide you with an effortless and efficient way to recycle your basics.

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How It Works

  • Clear out your drawer

    Collect all the basics that are past their prime—underwear, socks, and tees.

  • Pack + Print

    Load up our resealable shipper or any box, login to your Mack Weldon account, and print out a prepaid shipping label.

  • Drop off at UPS

    Our friends at UPS will take it from there. Easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the clothes?
Items that are in good condition are destined for reuse in over 50 countries around the world. Clothing that doesn't meet that criteria will be broken down by a fiber recycler to create housing insulation and other products.

What items can be recycled?
Any clothing you're willing to part with. Since basics especially tend to overstay their welcome, start with old underwear, tees, and socks that have been collecting dust in your drawer (or worse, are still being worn) and throw them in the bag. Still got extra room? Feel free to include any other apparel that is past its prime, but still in wearable condition. You can even send in shoes and accessories.

Who can recycle?
Any of our U.S. customers can recycle with us. Right now, the program isn't available to Canadian customers.

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