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“When everything around you is so beautiful, the thing that stands out is the less beautiful thing…”

  • Call it an aesthetic principle. Call it a personal ethos. Call it whatever you want to call it, but for Paul Jebara, travel photography is all about capturing those authentic moments in time. Less the thing, than the thing behind the thing.

  • “What I’m interested in is those unexpected destinations,” Jebara says, “but also uncovering the facets of what might be perceived as an ‘overrun’ destination.”

  • Whether in Greece, Oaxaca, or at home in New York, Jebara is constantly looking to expand his horizons—and share what he’s learned with an audience. Of course, it’s not all for our benefit.

  • “Selfishly, I travel for self-discovery. I see myself reflected in the destinations around me and the people I meet,” he says, “and I think I learn, not necessarily to be a better person, but a fuller person.”

  • To maximize his time in a given place, Jebara has a specific criteria for clothes: They should be comfortable, stylish, functional, and work within a neutral palette, so he can leave in the morning and stay out through the end of the night.

  • “As a traveler, the lighter you pack, the happier you’ll be.”


Water and stain-resistant
Four-way stretch
Modern, streamlined fit
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A Day in the Life

We tagged along with Paul as he rambled around New York in our Radius 5-Pocket Pants—here are a few of his favorite shots.


The Leg Up

The Leg Up

Four New Yorkers who are going places—
and the pants designed to take them there.

Four New Yorkers who are going places—and the pants designed to take them there.