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Meet The Most Comfortable Boxer Brief Ever


These Boxer Briefs Solve Problems

No roll waistband

Targeted cool zones

Stay put legs

Tagless design

Functional fly or supportive flyless

Three signature fabric choices

Shop the Boxer Briefs Collection

STAFF PICKproduct fabric
True Black | Front view of 18-Hour Boxer Briefs in True Black

18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief $28

True Black
STAFF PICKproduct fabric
Skydiver Heather | Front view of AIRKNITx Boxer Briefs in Skydiver Heather

AIRKNITx Boxer Brief $32

Skydiver Heather
STAFF PICKproduct fabric
True Navy | Front view of Silver Boxer Briefs in True Navy

Silver Boxer Brief $38

True Navy
product fabric
Ultraviolet Heather | Front view of AIRKNITx 8" Boxer Brief in Ultraviolet Heather

AIRKNITx 8" Boxer Brief $36

Ultraviolet Heather

Three Fabric Choices

18-Hour Jersey & AIRKNITx & Silver

Better underwear is softer with just the right amount of freedom and support. We engineered our own fabric and spent over 10,000 hours to make sure our underwear is more comfortable for you.

18-Hour Jersey is the softest underwear you’ve ever worn.

AIRKNITx is lightweight, breathable, and keeps you fresh all day long.

Silver is blended with antimicrobial Silver XT2®, a material used by NASA.


"Great look and Feel! Very comfortable, great for all day at work and gym as well. Will purchase another pair in the future."


“The AIRKNIT are it! Great fit, fantastic soft fabric that holds its shape and a fun variety of colors. Also, if you need it, their customer service is excellent.”


"It's true. Believe the glowing reviews. The engineering and materials science becomes evident when these come on."


You could be more comfortable.