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4 Loungewear Essentials for Upgrading Your Downtime

We rounded up the ultimate downtime outfit for you, starting with the Ace Sweatpant, the internet's most comfortable sweats.

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STAFF PICKproduct fabric
Infantry | Front view of Ace Sweatpant in Infantry

Ace Sweatpant $78

STAFF PICKproduct fabric
True Black | Front view of 18-Hour Boxer Briefs in True Black

18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief $28

True Black
Punch Drunk | Front view of Pima Crew Neck T-Shirt in Punch Drunk

Pima Crew Neck T-Shirt $32

Punch Drunk
product fabric
Grey Heather | Front view of Ace Hoodie in Grey Heather

Ace Hooded Sweatshirt $88

Grey Heather

1. Save the jeans for another day.

The sweatpant is man’s greatest achievement in comfort. Not all sweatpants are created equal, though. The Ace Sweatpant, aka the Grownup Sweatpant, looks and feels as good on the couch as it does on your jog around the park.

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2. Soft underwear is key

It doesn’t matter how comfy everything else is if your underwear are bunching up or making you sweat. The 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Brief is easily the softest underwear you have ever worn, and they’ll keep you feeling fresh all day.

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3. T-Shirts are totally acceptable

Nothing beats a t-shirt when it comes to comfort. The Pima Crew Neck is even softer than your favorite tee, and it comes in 15 different colors. You’ll look put together on that video chat for work without having to try too hard.

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4. Lose the scratchy sweater

Every man needs a well-fitted hoodie in his wardrobe. The Ace Hooded Sweatshirt gives you that laid back feeling you can’t always get in the office. Plus, it’s made of micro-sanded french terry, so it feels smooth on your skin.

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You could be more comfortable.

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